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The Holistic Movement was founded by Julie Rammal, International Speaker, Writer, Holistic Trainer and Consultant.

Holistic Movement is a Movement and an awakening, education, training, discipline system for the entire body, mind and soul that honours and integrates ancestral philosophies to help the human specie adapt and transition into the new era as a human being.

The Holistic Movement is divided into 5 divisions and offers training, consultations and services in:

Holistic Education

Holistic Body Training

Holistic Mind Training

Holistic Healing

Holistic Living

All 5 divisions are important to fulfil, practice and engage in if one wants to have a Holistic self and life.

The Holistic Movement was launched in 2019, and originated from JSport, founded by Julie Rammal. JSport was born, registered and copyrighted in California. The firm was originally called Holistic Fitness & Wellness in 2006 and was previously known as Fitness Outlook in 2000. It originally started as a Personal Training firm that offered Personal Training services and later expanded to offering Pilates, Yoga,  Ayurveda, Alternative and complimentary medicine, Anti-aging, Personal training, Pilates, Fitness, Detox, Nutrition, Weight loss, Movement therapy, Healing sessions, Sound and Crystal therapy.

JSport focused on training celebrities, VIP’s, high profile clients, and went public in 2016 with the International launch of the world’s first Holistic Fitness DVD: In Light Of Change and JSport YouTube channel.

The latest Holistic Movement innovations are Online & Live Holistic services, the world’s 1st Holistic Movement Book, and digital and mobile app workouts based on DVD: In Light Of Change, and other Holistic Workouts available in our store.