I love JSport because my trainer is always there for me.


I am a college student. It has affordable plans for everyone.

MikeWashington D.C

I have 3 kids, I gave up on ever getting back in shape but JSport gave me amazing results in a short time. I learnt it is all about how we train and not how much we do.

KarenNew York

Julie has been my online and real life trainer for 5 years. She will give you everything and change your life completely. Dreams do exist and can come true.


I am a film director, I have no time for sports, but JSport made me have time even if a session is just 20min it feels like 2 hours! I am so fortunate to have worked with Julie.

BenMonte Carlo

At first I was hesitant to try online stuff but this is the most amazing thing because it goes with you everywhere, and motivates you. We love you JSport.


JSport is intelligent sports training. You get results quick by just moving and understanding how to move.