Aching Knees

Why are our knees hurting so much this century? The truth is, our knees are very vulnerable because our posture has changed tremendously over thousands of years. As a result, our knees take our body weight plus additional force from movement such as jumping or running. If you haven’t yet experienced knee pain you are lucky, just know that as we age we are more prone to knee problems and you can always use these mini tips as a mini remedies for pain (Please note this does not include pain that has resulted from injury, arthritis, or disease).



Using your thumb to massage the above point for 1-3 minutes daily to help alleviate knee pain

Quad Strengthener


Lie down on your back, lift your left foot off the ground. Point/flex your toes 10x, 2 sets. Switch legs. Focus on strengthening your quads.


Knees Release


From seated position, extend your leg and place a Rolled towel underneath. Flex your foot and press your leg Downwards for 10 sec then release. Repeat 5-10 reps, 1-2 sets For both or one knee.

Aching Knees

Aching Knees