Back Pain is No Game

Today, 80% of us will complain of back pain sometime in our life. Back pain relief cream, heat pads, pills, surgeries are the most common approaches to end back pain today.

It makes me wonder, how did our ancestors manage their own back pain when all that was not available? 

Although being middle aged or older, having a family history of back pain, or having a pack of back injury or surgery are factors that you cannot change, there are things we can change. First, try to understand what is causing the pain and try to wo 

We can increase our awareness, change our lifestyle and try the new incredible back strengthener exercise that will only take you around 5 sessions, if done properly, to see a difference. 

Back Extension

Lie down on you belly and keep your hands behind your head. Elbows wide, engage your belly and lift your chest up focusing on strengthening your back. You will probably only lift 20 degrees, try to lift a bit more and hold for a few seconds then slow release downwards. Repeat this entire cycle 10x slowly, then push your hips back to child pose to rest.

To advance, repeat the same exercise quicker 20x then rest back into child pose. You can repeat both cycles, slow and fast 2 times, which means 4 back exercise would be performed- 2 slow and 2 fast.


Back Pain

Back Pains