Isn’t it annoying when we are trying to fit into our jeans and everything looks perfect except we can’t button our pants? This a huge problem today because our abdominals have lost their primitive function due to our daily lifestyles, plus IBS, bloating, and extra belly fat. So let’s talk about what we are here for.

Let me teach you how to solve the issue with the old school plank. Yes the plank is back. This pose is “The pose” to get in shape and actually is the most fundamental exercise that almost every sport discipline uses in its training. It has been used so much for so many years that every sport discipline has called it different names. For example, there is the pilates plank, yoga plank, army plank, side plank, dancers plank, or just the old school plank and so much more. The plank has receive so much attention because of the value it brings to your body. It is the easy look good method. 

The world record for holding the plank was by a Danish fitness instructor, Tom Hoel, who held it for four hours and 28 minutes. The plank requires core strength, shoulder stabilization, and erector spinae muscles primarily. Secondary muscles that are used in this exercise are: rotator cuff, deltoids, butt and leg muscles, and trapezius. These muscles are usually always used regardless of the various plank names that are out there, it’s base never changes. The good news is that you do not need to hold a plank for 4 hours to look good. If you just hold it for 30 to 60 seconds for 5 days in a row you will already see your body look firmer. 

Are you ready to try to get plank in shape? Let’s begin with various exercise to strengthen you for the grand final pose.

Walking Plank


Come onto your hands and knees. Lengthen you neck and take your knees off of the ground so you are in a plank position (C ). Hold this position and tighten your core. Option hold here for 30- 60 seconds or advance to forearm plank (A). Advanced option, walk your plank out (B) by taking it to full plank and taking it down elbow by elbow to forearm plank. 1 sets, 12 reps each. The plank is “THE” exercise to do to tighten flabby belly fat and muscles. Remember, to challenge yourself you can hold the positions for longer periods of time or try performing on difference surfaces such as sand, mud, carpet. Each surface will engage more of the primary and secondary muscles which means more results. Shall we try the jeans now? 

Snake Twist Plank


Balance on your left forearm and lengthen your legs keeping your knees off so you are in a side plank position. Extend you right hand up to the sky. Focus on pushing your left elbow into the ground and reaching your right hand up to the sky. As you inhale lengthen a bit more and exhale dip your right hand underneath (B) engaging your belly muscles. Imagine your belly is a wet towel, twist the water out. 2 sets, 12 reps. Repeat the same exercise allowing your right forearm to be on the floor.

Belly Fat

Belly Fats