Quick Body Fix for 20th Century

Do you run or do sports? Do you something feel your shoulders and back muscles are straining you? Do you feel you are becoming stiffer than a rock? Good news is, in just as little as 5 minute you can quick fix your body with a few quick fix exercises.

The era of the 20th century has left most of us suffering from the same issues, tight shoulders, hamstrings, inflexible spine, neck problems and more. However, with a regular routine mixed with yoga, core and stretching you can be feeling 20 years younger in no time. 



Come onto your knees and take several deep breaths. With your last exhale carefully arch your spine backwards playing your hands onto your heels. Roll your shoulders back and attempt to lift your heart upwards. Take several more deep breaths and envision love and positive energy flowing into your heart area. Stay for 1 minute. Option: If you do not have the flexibility use a pillow or two to place your hands on, or place your hands on your lower back. 

Boat Pose -ABS 


Come into seated position and balance on your bottom by engaging your core. Lengthen your legs and arms to your ankles. Relax your shoulders and take 5-10 deep breaths.

Body Fix

Body Fixs