Wait, did I just hear someone say, “Breathe your way slim?” Yes, it is true, now there is a simpler, healthier and more effective way to lose weight.

I know most of us are very hard workers, and even when we workout we think that by doing all those intense classes that we will lose weight and get results. Sure you might, but at what at cost and when? In today’s time, most exercise drills and classes focus on ensuring you feel good at the end of the class and are dripping in sweat. 

Sweat can transfer to hard work which might mean to us results. However, that is not necessarily true. 

When most of us are already suffering from stress, adrenal fatigue, and our exercise system make us feels good at the “NOW” moment, we forget to realize that we can sculpt our body fit just by breathing correctly. Once we have mastered our breath, you can then master how to move accordingly with your breathing cycle and then participate in practically any exercise regimen. 

I adivse the Ujjayi Pranayama breath, or ocean breath. This breathing technique will help generate internal heat to remove toxins within the body. Both inhalations and exhalations are performed from the nose. Ready to try it? 

Let us begin by inhaling from the nose and taking the air to the back of the throat. Contract the throat muscles as you exhale making an ocean sound breath. Your mouth is closed the entire time. Repeat this breathing cycle for 1 minute. 

 Once you have mastered the ujjayi breath, try to use it in a yoga or pilates class. If that is easy now try to use it in your daily life and during your next jog. I will see on the other side of the road, lets start now and remember to enjoy your new breath to a new you!