What is the most common thing that all women share? Cellulite! Learn the ins and outs of do’s and don’t for cellulite and the real solution.

Scientifically cellulite can be caused because of alternation of connective tissue structure, hormone, genetics, food, changes in metabolism and physiology. However, did you know that cellulite problems may be associated with a feeling of distrust? Feeling unbalanced, up and down. You may be resisting life and putting issues on the back burner rather than dealing with them in the present. Despite all, cellulite can get be gone with: Exercise, diet, detox, massage, and reduce stress to eliminate cellulite.

Exercise can help regulate a woman’s estrogen levels, and there are specific movement to get your lower body in shape such as: Plie with side leg raises. To perform begin in standing with toes pointed slightly outwards. Bend deeply. Lift one leg as high as you can without losing your balance, and then take the elevated leg behind your standing leg into a deep courtesy lunge. Do 3 sets of 16 (8 right, 8 left). 

Diet is an important major factor as well, because what we put in our bodies will be reflected on the outside. Avoid foods with sugar and fat, and focus on a diet that is rich in green and colorful vegetables. Try to eat out of the box, meaning avoid eating processed foods, and stick to more earth foods such as: potatoes, carrots, apples, chicken eggs, beans, nuts etc..You can also do a mini juice detox, or fast to clear out any toxins in the body. Try to massage your cellulite area with a carrier oil such as: jojoba or almond with essential oil: cedar, lemon, grapefruit to increase circulation and to stimulate lymphatic system. Also start complimentary your body, our body loves to be loved so tell your body its own mantra, “I have the most beautiful butt, or I love my butt.”

In addition, decrease your stress. When we are stressed, our bodies will hold onto the stress and make us look bloated.

Finally, remember to always eat clean, do effective exercises, and to detox your body with safe effective detoxes such as fasting, juicing, heated yoga, steam baths and your cellulite will be gone in no time!

Cellul Euww Butt

Cellul Euww Butts