Just Shut Up! Cleaning Out Mental Clutter

Knock knock, you have received 100 million thoughts, please replace the old archive of thoughts with the new ones. Error, your brain has mental clutter, please remove clutter. Emergency, brain does not know how to remove clutter. Brain is receiving more subliminal messages from: tv ads, radio, iphone. System is shutting down, brain is no longer functioning. The brain is a delicate organ that requires special care and understanding otherwise it can become intoxicated, cluttered and can stop performing. Here are 6 quick steps to calm the mind down.

1. Identify distractions that add toxicity to your mind. For example, when you eat your meal, focus on the food you are eating and not the logos, ads, packaging, and commercial side of it. Connect with your food, and be thankful for having it. Also, avoid eating high sugar and caffeine because it can affect our thought process.

2. Meditate and root yourself back to nature. Close your eyes, feel and be part of the earth underneath you. Imagine a healing ray of light entering your 3rd eye center. As you receive this energy the mental clutter, thoughts, distractions are dispersed outwards. Repeat several times, “I choose to release any thought that enters my mind with love. My mind if clear and calm.” This may take several weeks to master. Perform meditation 8-10 minutes per day and try to let go.

3. Massage your head with your fingertips for a few minutes or book an Ayurvedic Shirodara massage to release your mental stress and clutter. Our head and neck consist of 6 of 12 major vital centers. When we honor, love and care for our body your body will return love back to you. As a result, your mental clutter will disappear.

4. Limit tv, internet, and technology time to certain times in the day, dis-connect when you do not need to be connected. Find your joy and entertainment through the higher power source, nature, animals, outdoor activities, friends and family.

5. Place one hand over your forehead and the other on the base of your neck for several minutes to calm the mind.

6. Live and enjoy the present moment.

Your mind is a temple, when you love and care for your brain like it is your own child, the brain clutter, headaches, migraines and more will resolve by themselves. Your mind awaits your new positive journey.

cleaning Out Mental Clutter

cleaning Out Mental Clutters