Holistic Fitness is your new anti-aging workout kit to survive the new technological wave and future. The methodology was created by Julie Rammal and used by celebrities, royal family, and vip & prestigious families worldwide. The workout was kept secret for years and is extremely popular because it gave results in just as little as 3 training sessions with over 15 major benefits including its anti-aging, slimming and firming effects. However, the true secret is that holistic fitness listens and communicates with your body.

On a quick note, holistic fitness contains the finest ingredients of ancient and modern fitness practices, and alternative and complimentary medicine and is truly the future of movement. It combines the best of: Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Primal Movements, Martial Arts, Dance, Stretching, and focuses on being Connected to nature. How cool is that?

In this century most of us have lost complete connection to ourselves and continue to dis-connect more with artificial surroundings, toxic food, poor posture, stress, technology and more. We have lost the ability communicate with our body and heal ourselves. It seems as if humans have lost their own natural ability to know what is good or wrong for and soon the question may be- are we still human? Or are we a new specie?

To begin to listen to your body try this exercise routine daily for 5-10 minutes until you finally can hear your own body.

Step 1: Shut down all noise and find a comfortable place to lie down on 

Step 2: Close your eyes and begin to focus on your breath 

Step 3: Let go of all physical tensions and become aware of any physical tensions that remain on your body (shoulders, back, neck, hips etc..) 

Step 4: Use your subconscious to place your hand instinctively wherever it wants to go on your body. 

Step 5: Wherever your hand went is a place where body needs attention and potentially there could be something going on there. Begin to meditate on this area for the remaining 5-10 minutes and notice if any colors, messages start to arise. 

Remember this practice takes awhile to hear your body communicate, but once you get it, it is amazing. Check out these clips to help you learn more:



Communicate Your Body

Communicate Your Body