The Evolution of Movement

Today’s biggest question is are you connected or dis-connected to yourself? In the world we live in most of us just live in our body but have no connection to who we really are. In fact most of us have forgotten how to breathe, eat, sleep, move, or how to even interact with one another. Instead we are potentially drawn to substances to escape our reality rather than understand and work with it.

When we are connected to ourselves we can hear our inner self. Yes, your body does communicate and is alive! Your body is an empire, when you are connected to you, you can achieve miracles. The answer to “Who am I?” becomes simple. However; right now it may feel like the hardest question to answer.  To change your physical appearance you need to dig back into your archive to see why you look the way you do today. What experience, emotions, memories are stored in your cells to now make you look the way you do? When our inner self and all its machinery are well connected to one another that is when we can best perform and train. Holistic fitness, developed by Julie Rammal, trains the inner you to create the new outer you. It combines modern and ancient training fitness and alternative complimentary medicine techniques.

Fitness is going through a revolutionary change where it is not just about wearing your heart rate monitor or performing 3 sets of push-ups, and then have your trainer yell at you because you could only do 10. Fitness or movement is about moving in synchronization with body, mind, breath, and spirit which is all connected to time of day, weather, alignment of planets and much more. It is about loving yourself first and then working from within to create the physical you.

Training holistically or naturally means listening to body, mind and spirit and working with it rather than against it. It is the new amazing way to train that gives you perfect results instantly. Pain can disappear in seconds, organs and muscles can be detoxed, and emotions are released. As a result you will feel lighter, happier, and cleaner. The exercises may look simple but physically you will improve concentration, balance, strength, endurance, speed, breathing, coordination and clean your chakras so you can look younger and you will naturally boost your immunity. Past emotional blocks will be removed and you again can become re-aligned with a higher source of power or the universe. By having this connection, you will be stronger in life, and you will find your own being. The DVD, In Light Of Change, is the first holistic fitness DVD that has ever been produced and although the moves look like exercises there is a much more mental, physical and re-connection benefit to becoming a new you in just 2 weeks.

Let’s explore our first exercise, but first remember to try to be barefoot and wear organic or natural clothing material to have a deeper connection with you and Earth.

Lung Tonic


This is a great exercise if you offer suffer from bronchitis, colds, coughs, influenza, or have a fear of taking in life fully.  Sit down and lean into your left hip, allowing your legs to remain on the right side. Hold onto your right ankle or knee. Lengthen your left arm upwards toward the sky. Focus on expanding your left rib cage and breathing in for 10-to 20 deep breaths. With every breath sink deeper into your lung, envision emotions of fear being release from your lungs through every exhale. Engage your right abdominal muscle to detox deeper in the exercise. Repeat to yourself, “I love my life and I am protected.” Believe in yourself and you will notice your lungs will react and open up and feel better.







Core- Immunity

EM2Our core is the center of where our immunity is held and holds our nourishment. It is a place where ideas are also digested. If you have belly fat you may be holding anger at being denied nourishment. If so, consider nourishing yourself with spiritual food.

Start in seated position and place your hands behind you. Inhale, engage your core and connect with deepest internal organ in this area by contracting your intestines, and stomach inward. Simultaneously bring both legs upwards as you fully exhale. Continue engaging your core even deeper activating your kundalini energy, and then slowly lower your legs down. Repeat 5-10 reps. You will feel completely free and satisfied.

Posture Re-Alignment


Many people have back problems however they do not know the impact of mis-alignments in the spine. For instance, if you have a hoarse voice or sore throat your 5c vertebrae needs attention. Poor circulation in your legs are related to blockage in 5L vertebrae. Lengthening our spine and fixing our posture will help reduce irritations to the nervous system that affects structures, functions, and organs in the surrounding areas.

To begin this exercise your back should be facing a wall. Begin by stretching your hands overhead and then step as far out as you can while keeping your back straight and your arms overhead touching the wall. Reach your hands downwards touching the wall. Perform slowly 10x then step forward 1 inch and repeat. If your arms do not touch repeat a few more reps before you can advance. Repeat up to 30-40x daily to stretch your spine and open the chest.

Power Butt


If you have a lot of extra weight around your thighs and hips it could be possibly packed with childhood anger that is just stuck. If you have a big butt it represents your power. By tightening our buttocks you can actually increase your power. To do this exercise lie down on back and bring your heels toward your buttocks. Lift your heels upwards and push your butt towards the sky. Tighten your abs and buttocks for 5 seconds and slowly release your bottom back to the ground. Repeat this exercise 15-20 reps/3 sets. While performing the exercise believe in your power and strength.


Cellulite Release

EM6If you have stored cellulite, you might just be having a lot of stored anger and self-punishment. Come onto your hands and knees and extend your right leg up towards the sky. Legnthen your leg while reaching the crown of your head forward. Feel the length and oppositional stretch. Engage your core and slowly begin to lift then lower your leg 15-20x/2 sets. While performing the exercise start to feel free to love and enjoy life and forgive everything around you. Connect with every nerve in your leg and allow it to enjoy its movement to a newer leaner you.

Holistic training is the best way to get results, improve mood and well being, remove old toxic layers and renew yourself in and out.

Evolution Of Movement

Evolution Of Movements