In this era of time sometimes some of us feel like a new specie is growing on our abdominals and some of us just don’t know what to do to get rid of it. This is the first time in history that the belly fat has new names such as mojo, love handles, muffin tops, or mommy muffins?

For some it is so bothersome that even surgery is done to remove it, however, let me tell you 3 easy steps to say good bye to belly fat for good.

First step, cut all processed food from your diet, including bread, cakes plus artificial sweeteners, sugars etc…Start to make your diet look primal as if you were in the hunter gathering time where we hunt to live. Close your eyes and imagine you are hungry and it is cold and you have a family to feed. You see a small deer in front of you, what and how do you do what you need to do to survive? 

You run, you attack till your mission is completed and then you celebrate. Our celebration to step 2 and 3 will be eating a high with chicken, turkey, eggs, fish with a light salad, natural carbs such as apples, beans, oatmeal.

Step 2 is your cardio. To get a flat core you need to lose overall body fat and shake up the system. Begin with a 5 minute warm up of jumping jacks and then sprint for around 5 minutes, an intense fast speed jog to the best of your ability 3 times a week for just 15 minutes. You may begin with a 5 minute warm up and cool down. Jog as if you are that hunter.

Step 3 is you abdominal definition exercise. Repeat this exercise 3 times a week, 1st week 15 reps/2 sets, 2nd week, 20 reps/2 sets, 3 rd week, 25 reps/ 2 sets, 4th week 35 reps 1 set. During your set you can take a 30 second break. Are you ready to learn the phenomenal abdominal exercise of the century?


Flat core

Flat cores