Forever Young

Did you know that until now we still do not know the exact reason why we age? There are many different theories of why we age such as the: waste accumulation theory, DNA damage theory, wear and tear theory and more however do not panic. The good news is we can slow down aging by taking a close look of understanding our body, our emotions, and what accelerates aging. Food, alternative complimentary therapies, herbs, vitamins, and lifestyle change all play a fundamental role in slowing down the aging process. The best foods you can eat are those that are green and yellow (anti-wrinkles), berries, pomegranate (antioxidants), oatmeal (anti-aging vitamins, digestion, immunity), nuts (fiber and oil), cucumber (hydrates cells, prevents wrinkles and varicose veins), ginger (digestion, antioxidant), cabbage, grapefruits, and oranges (antioxidant, cleansing). The best anti-aging vitamins are: A (anti-oxidant, repairs), B- complex, C (antioxidant), Vitamin E (healing and regeneration, antioxidant), vitamin F (antioxidant, helps skin diseases, protects), zinc (regeneration, healing, immunity good for skin problems), and copper (skin elasticity). Several amazing alternative complimentary therapies to keep you young range from color therapy, sound therapy, chakras, crystal therapies, yoga, detox and fasting. Color therapy is phenomenal because it really does work. Our cells receive and radiate color. Color Therapy aims to balance and enhance our body's energy centers/chakras by using the colors of the light spectrum. Yellow is amazing for strengthening the nervous system and brightening your soul. Orange stimulate the building of new tissue. Magenta, strengthens, circulation, promotes youth, harmonizes emotions. Turquoise, is great for regeneration of the skin, especially for burns. Red, activates vitality, metabolism and digestion.


Sound therapy is also incredibly powerful. Modern science is now beginning to understand what our ancestors have told us for centuries, everything including you is in constant vibration. Everything has an optimum range of vibration called resonance. When we are in resonance we are in balance. Today, most of society suffers because they are not in correct resonance. Being exposed over time to negative noise pollution such as: cars, screams, road work, cell phones rings can severely impact and weaken our nervous system. Over time, the tension is stored in the body and face and can impair our internal organs making us look older, impairing how our kidneys, liver function etc…. Sound therapy focus on using a variety of healing sound to heal, repair body, mind, and improve sleep, concentration, reduce stress and much more. The first sound you can start off with is by screaming in lo, medium, high pitch to help release blocked or stored emotions.

Our Chakras are 7 major energy centers that spiral around. When they are blocked, energy cant flow, the nerves in that area get affected, and then the organ gets affected. For example, if a wife lost her husband, she may develop heart problems or lung disease because her heart chakra gets blocked. If you experience frequent headaches your 6th chakra is blocked, or frequent constipation is first chakra blocked. The best way to keep chakras clean is by focusing on cleaning them out with special Tibetan exercises, or during meditation focus on the color associated with every chakra becoming brighter.


Crystal therapy is another great tool to shed light, renew your energy. Every event or emotional pain in our life takes energy out of us. Crystals have high and exact rates of vibration. When applied to the body they manipulate and transform, and restore balance to your body.


Yoga is a fantastic sport to focus on to staying young because of numerous benefits of anti- stress, improving circulation, oxygen flow and more . There are a variety of poses that help increase your youth. Warrior 3 is a beautiful pose that teaches you how to remain calm in a unstable environment. It also increases circulation to your face and lengthens your neck.

To get into the pose start in standing and begin to stand on your right leg and start extending your body forward while reaching your arms forward. Your chest and left leg should be parallel to the ground. Try to balance for 1-2 minutes for therapeutic benefits.


Inversion are mega anti agers. They enhance face radiance regulates thyroid. Halasana or legs up the wall is a great example. It brings color back into your face, and firm your neck, chin and face. Lie down on your back and put your legs up the wall with arms relaxed for 1- 3 minute. Advanced option, take legs overhead while reaching arms forward on the ground. Relax for 1-2 minutes.

To stay young, you need to be clean from the inside and the outside. Detox, fasting, juicing are great ways to clean out the body and restore it. In addition, you need to externally keep your skin clean by: cleansing, exfoliation, toner, moisturize. The best way to clean your face is to use a vegetable based soaps with olive oil and fruit acids. Wash face with cold water. When done pat your skin to bring circulation. For exfoliation, use ground oats and almonds with water one time per week to remove dead skin and bring fresh skin to surface.

Depending on your skin type there are many different type of masks to use. For dry skin focus on plain yogurt as a mask. For oily skin, green clay masks are great. For normal skin, honey masks or egg white will give a great glow and tighten the pores. A few good toners for normal, dry or sensitive skin are- rose based toners. For oily, stick to: chamomile, lavender. Finally, consider moisturizing your face naturally with olive oil, almond or coconut. Purchase high quality organic products only.


Finally try this meditation exercise to sooth all your wrinkles out. Close your eyes, and make as many funny expressions as you can (detoxing negative facial emotions). Keeping your eyes close, take 10 deep breaths and focus on your calming your mind.

Think of the first 3 negative emotions that come to your mind and place them into an imaginary box. With your exhale think of removing this negative emotion from your face, take a deep inhale, with your next breath think of removing another negative emotion from your face, inhale, with your next exhale think of removing all negative emotions on your face.

Begin to relax the corner of your eyebrows, relax your forehead, relax the wrinkles around your eyes, relax the corners of your mouth, relax your jaw.

Take 10 more deep breaths, and with every exhale begin to relax all of your facial expressions. Focus on breathing in positive energy into your face, and visualizing your face glowing. With your next breath relax your face even more and begin to let go of any facial tension and wrinkles.

Forever Young

Forever Young