Holistic fitness routine is all about creating a deeper connection with yourself. Our body, mind, soul and emotions are interrelated and affect one another. It teaches you to listen to your body, mind and spirit and work in tandem with it rather than against it. 

The most important principle of this routine is that it is designed to give you a full body workout rather than focusing on individual muscles. Each movement is designed to include: strength, stretch, detox, and opening up meridian lines and chakras.

Holistic Fitness not just helps combat illnesses, depression, anxiety but is a therapeutic mix of exercises which also helps fight obesity, strengthens muscles, builds core strength and develops immunity. The routine also helps in keeping children healthy to ensure a lifestyle disease-free generation.

 Holistic Fitness training has many benefits, right from unifying the body, mind and soul to weight reduction, flexibility, anti-aging, vitality and detox. Some specific exercises to address common problems are: 

• Lung Tonic a great exercise if you often or even occasionally suffer from bronchitis, colds, coughs and influenza. 

• Core-Immunity training your core to detoxify your core organs. Your core is where your immunity is stored and readies it to release nourishment and protection from a place where ideas are digested. 

• Posture Re-Alignment for the many who suffer with back problems, unaware of the impact of mis-alignments in the spine. 

• Luxury Butt for those who have a lot of extra weight around their thighs and hips possibly packed with past childhood anger that is just stuck 

• Cellulite Release for those who have stored cellulite, or might just be storing a lot of anger and self-punishment. Holistic fitness is be considered to be better than most common traditional fitness and wellness programs because it allows you to move the way your body is designed to without any additional props. It helps to re-connect you back to you to be and feel: alive, younger, firmer, and slimmer all naturally. It combines the best of alternative and complimentary medicine, health, and fitness with the finest practices of: Aerobic, martial arts, primal movement, Pilates, yoga, stretching and more.

 Holistic fitness is a way of life. One should switch to it, in order to bring the body back into its’ true origin of movement. It is perfect for almost everyone including children, adults, elderly or those who simply want to quickly tone, and get in shape while detoxifying at the same time and increasing flexibility.

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