Healing Yourself In 2015

Did you know your body talks to you everyday and does not necessarily want an advil pill or any sort of medication. You have the ability to heal yourself instantly by just listening to your body’s feelings. For example, have you ever noticed when ever you have a backache your hand automatically goes to your back. If you have a headache your hands go to your head, or a throat ache your hands go to your through. Your hands can you and so can color!

Just as plants, and animals we also have our own true ability to heal our self. However; first we must try to let go of the shell that covers our true nature. Once we move the shell we can find our own true self.

Color therapy has been used to affect emotions and moods and to correct any imbalances in the body that could lead to emotional or physical illness. Every organ has its own color and vibrational energy. Disorders can be healed by using color of the corresponding vibrational energy to the whole body or to the organ.

Try the following exercise. Rub your hands together and then hold your hands out in front of you. You should begin to feel some tingling feeling. Now visualize you are holding a red ball of energy. If you have problems visioning it just think red. Identify where your body feels tired and weak and place your hands above that body part and breathe in the color ‘red.’ Perform this exercise as if you are drinking the color red, and allow this red to expand in your body while taking slow deep breaths. You should quickly feel revitalized. If you have inflammation use the color blue instead of red. Blue is lighter, cooler, cleansing, and more expansive and can also be used to eliminate pain.

If you are having trouble to tune into your body or want to improve your health, or want to focus on specific health challenges try the following exercise. Find a quiet place and begin counting backward from 30. Relax your body and mind. Focus on an area of your body that feels blocked or painful. Breathe in the color green into that area for a few moments and place your hands there. Ask your body ”Is there a message you want to give me?” Take a deep breath and allow the messages to come to surface. Write the messages down. Then imagine a golden light moving through your whole body and repairing it.

In today’s society most of us may suffer from upper back pain, poor immunity, knee problems, shoulders, obesity, skin issues, wrist problems and so much more. If you have upper back pain it is because you feel unsupported, overwhelmed, carrying the world on your shoulders, stressed, lack of trust, perfectionism, and limitation.

If you have poor immunity several possible contributing factors may be inner conflict, insecurity, stress, feeling pressured, threatened, manipulated, allowing people take advantage of you, or not knowing how to say no.

If you have knee problems, you may hold anger, resentment, frustration, inflexibility, or have difficulty dealing with a person, issue, or situation form the past.

If you suffer from skin problems its because you have failure to protect or be protected. Feeling irritated, angry, frustrated, disapproval, criticism, withdrawn, or insecure. For obesity, feeling insecure, and unworthy, or trying to silence your feelings by overeating. If you suffer from wrist issues, you may feel chained, stuck, overworked, and you may feel you always need to be right and in control. Try not to wear watches and bracelets in order to allow your wrists to relax.

Remember to heal we must be willing to feel, and to commit to making our health a priority. We should feel our emotions instead of buying them, breathe and eat consciously, move and listen to our body, be creative, and laugh. When we recognize what is keeping us stuck, the density, tension and stress will begin to dissolve and a new sense of awareness, empowerment and well being will take its place.

Healing Yourself

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