iFitness is real! With the internet age everything has become possible, and the great news is it is affordable, convenient, exciting, and effective. On the personal trainer side, trainers should be super happy because that excuse of “Im travelling, I can’t workout,” is no longer an excuse. In fact, clients who travel can now workout easily online.

If your interested in iFitness learn the basics of a couple fitness exercises such as: lunges, squats, mountain climbers, ab exercises, tricep dips push ups etc.. You can hire a real live personal trainer or join a gym and attend a couple classes to get a more comprehensive workout. Before you say, iFitness isn’t for you lets check out the pro’s and con’s of all types of online personal training services, and then re-assess. 


iFitness is for your if you are busy, like privacy, need a traditional workout, want to save money, are computer literate, need to lose weight, you are committed and internally motivated, and can easily follow online directions. 


You like personalized workouts, human connection, you do not like the internet and computer, you are not very motivated, you like the outdoors, and you find this whole concept ridiculous.

Different online personal trainers offer different programs. First, always make sure you like the trainer’s training philosophy, check out their biography and background and testimonial page. If so far, everything looks good. Then pay the online membership fee and you will receive a complete workout plan for one month to train your body. Remember, various trainers use various approaches so always pick what is right for you and exercise with caution.

The last approach to getting fit with an online trainer is through one to one private online personal training sessions such as at: https://holisticfitnesswellness.trainerize.com 

Your coach literally become your online fitness motivator, coach, and usually good trainers will offer a money back refund if you do not get the results you want. Normally, you will receive a fully-personalized online coaching program . This is a great choice if you have a big budget, and are ready to commit to at least a few months of online personal training with your trainer. Usually these types of programs include: assessments, your own tailored program, constant feedback, goal-setting. In addition, your trainer is regularly accessible, and if you are lucky you will find your trainer more accessible then a local trainer. Normally these services run from $150 - $600/month.

Remember, fitness and exercise is the most important investment for your body, mind and soul, so starting investing in the right place today and change your body and life.