On The Go Lower Back Relief

Your back is aching and all you can think about is how can I get rid of this pain? Back pain is one the most common problems that we are facing in today’s society. The reason behind it is because of improper posture, weak core, weak back muscles, and unbalanced muscular forces around the pelvic and back area. As a result, your body will talk back to you by saying “Hey I’m hurting.” Here are some really cool exercises that you can do on the go. Take them with you on the airplane, behind your office desk, or maybe on a mini bathroom break.


Forward Fold Stretch

Lengthen your spine over your legs. Rest for 1 minute and slowly roll up to standing.     



Side Bend Stretch

Lengthen your torso while reaching your hands overhead. Enjoy the stretch.                                                                                   


Spinal Twist

Gently twist your spine side to side. Engage your core.              



Side Bend Stretch

Lengthen your torso while reaching your hands overhead. Enjoy the stretch.                                                                                               


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