Are you ready to make this summer different than the rest? Make this summer an inspirational one in which you can change your body, mind and soul through holistic fitness. Start to live the change that you want to see in yourself and watch how your world will spin around. Do not be surprised if miracles start to happen and tomorrow you get that job you wanted, or your special friend calls you up.

My super best summer tips are to first to learn: how to eat, exercise, and connect with yourself.

Food Tips

Eat with gratitude

Eat small quantities throughout the day

Do not eat after 5 pm

Eat slowly and be aware of what and how you eat

Eat natural unprocessed foods

Drink water and green tea

I love oatmeal for breakfast

Love your antioxidant berries

Enjoy fruits in the morning

Exercise Tips

Exercise with holistic fitness’s’ latest innovations, the incredible eye and image projection available through This innovative training method is a luxurious way to manifests the results you want to have faster by projection the image you want to be and see during your sport classes.

This training method was introduced in Dubai on May 1st and focuses to improve your fitness results, decrease pain, improve health, mood, overall well-being,  and change your bodies for their own well-being. Sessions take a few seconds to 20 minutes, and it is the top choice for those who can afford $700 + .

If you feel you just need to get a quick boosters to tone the problematic areas like the butt, abs, arms, and to get the lean natural look watch the perfect summer clips from luxury butt, ab-illionaire, upper body sculpt, California squats, and much more to tone up: Jsport Training Videos

Results are phenomenal, what are you waiting for?

If you need your private trainer to accommodate you and offer you a 100% customized retreat, JSport will design the luxurious and effective program to get in you feeling, looking, and moving in as little as 3 days. The ideal private retreat time is in between 7-10 days. Prices range from $1000 + per day. The breathtaking experience will change your life like no other retreat before. The information, exercises, and energy will change your life!



Connection Tips

Did you know in 2020 we are expected to be connected to 5 gadgets, and that the technology around us will be so strong that it will run through our bodies like electricity! We are entering an era of time where we may lose human beings as we transform into transhumans. The changes have already started to happen through surgeries, bionics, and the computer and technology wave this is overtaking our minds.

Re-connection Exercise

Turn off all of your cell phone, and sit down on the ground keep your posture straight. Take 10 deep breaths as you calm the mind down and bring your awareness to you. Focus on your breathing, and turn your palms upwards on your lap to receive energy or downwards to keep your energy. Practice silence for 1-3 minutes before you re-connect back to the real world. Self- observance is a very powerful tool to stop, reflect and adjust our behaviors. For real live clips check out Jsport Training Videos

Or get DVD: In Light Of Change, the world’s first holistic fitness dvd available at Virgin megastore Mena.

Summer is an amazing time to take advantage of the fire energy to change our bodies, mind and life all with holistic fitness. Now it is up to you to say “Yes I can- and I will, because I believe in me.” Start to spread the change and re-connect to a healthier, happier more energetic self through holistic fitness. JSport loves you!


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