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When you hear the word sex what comes to your mind? Pleasure? Affection? Or wild thoughts? Did exercise cross your mind? Sex is all about exercise, the more you exercise the more you can handle in bed. If you do not exercise do not worry about it, you can start with these easy friendly exercises to gain flexibility, strength and make you better aware of your body. 

First before I show you the exercise let me give a bit of advise, take sex less seriously, be more playful. Just be you, and don’t be afraid to move forward in a move. Enjoy the moment and use all of your senses to go deeper.


Yoga Pose- Happy Baby                                                                   


Lie down on your back, bend both knees, and grab onto the outside edge of your foot. Feel the stretch on the groin area and hold for 1 minute.



Plie- Inner Thighs                                                                   


 From standing, bend your knees focusing on Inner thighs then return to standing 12 x/ 3 sets

Push Up- Resistance


Guys, work the push up position and hold for 30 -60 seconds to get better sculpted

sex Booster

sex Boosters