Sex has become an overused word and the positions and routines seem so standard. Welcome to the new super sex guide that will tell you exactly what guys and girls need to do now to get ready for your next date.

Before I tell you the secret, first start to change yourself by changing the way you eat, dress, and look. Make yourself look different each time.

 Now for the body part. Guys, women like to see bigger chest, more defined upper body muscles, and tighter abs. Girls, guys like to see toned butt, less cellulite and tighter abs. Do we have a deal? 

So what is the secret to get this all before your next date? First, change your diet quick and start to workout. Guys, hit the floor with push ups starting with 10 then 20 and picking it up to 100 over a course of a few weeks. Also consider doing pull ups, impress your girl by doing them in the bedroom start with 5, 10, 15, 20 and build it up. 

Girls, work on squats starting with 20, 30 and work it up to 50. You can also do single leg lunges 15x/leg 3 sets. Alternate legs. This is going to give you the Victoria secret legs look! 

Do all of this quick before your next date, and see what your partner says about how you look? Super applause I guarantee- Enjoy!


Super sex

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