Yes, finally there is a magical workout- it is called holistic fitness. All of your

dreams to tone quickly, look perfect, feel great and be healthy can come true. Holistic

fitness has been turning the heads of media, press worldwide because it is: incredible,

effective, healthy and life changing. It includes the best of: Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga,

Primal Movements, Martial Arts, Dance, Stretching, and focuses on re-connecting you

back to nature.

Holistic fitness was created by Julie Rammal. Originally the methodology was kept

secret for years and used to only train Vip, Celebrities, royal families to quickly tone and

get in shape. With live events, press, and the launch of the world first holistic fitness

dvd: In Light Of Change, it is now available to the public.

This program of training was developed after seeing the need to get individuals

connected back into themselves. Many of us are confused when exercising, or dis-

connected to ourselves and think we are working out correctly, but in fact fitness is very

simple, organic, and healthy in nature. We do not need to feel so sore, and work so

hard to look good, we just need to flow naturally as we are meant to do. Holistic fitness

brings you back to you, and enables you to move with ease and enjoy movement.

Holistic fitness is so effective because it honors the body and its natural movements and

the classes are designed to give you a full body workout working your entire body as

one rather then individual muscles. Each exercise is designed to include: strength,

stretch, detox, and open up meridian lines/chakra’s.

You might be wandering, what are the benefits of this approach to training? The

benefits are infinite. In brief, Benefits of Holistic Fitness makes you feel alive, younger,

firmer, and slimmer ALL Naturally. It makes you be born again, and restore your body to

its healthiest state of movement.

It offers therapeutic benefits such as removing physical blockages, opens chakras,

meridian points, and improves blood circulation and your chi (life force energy), your

body and mind awareness. Additional benefits include:

1. Re-connects and empowers you

3.The exercise system offers therapeutic health benefits and fitness exercises that

were founded on the basic building blocks of what our body was designed to do. Your

muscle memory quickly recognizes these movement and exercises and this is why

results are seen in as little as 3 sessions.

4. It Lengthens your muscles and strengthens them naturally (leaving the body


5. Tones your body naturally (removing sagging skin, decreasing cellulite, and creates a

beautiful tone corpes for men and women).

6. Improves your range of motion, and makes you move with EASE

7. Improves cardio, strength, and blood circulation

8. Holistic Fitness is anti-aging

9. Improves your respiration, energy, vitality.

10. Improves your flexibility

11. Weight Reduction

12. Protection from injury

13. Improves athletic performance

14. Unifies body, mind and soul

15. Opens your meridian lines, detoxes, and opens up your chakras

16. It is an All in 1 class (with the variety of yoga, pilates, dance, martial arts,

gymnastics, stretching and more you workout intelligently and more effectively)

Ready to try your first holistic fitness exercises? All of the clips may be seen under: or

1. California Squats- A super great leg toner & spine opener

2. Jump Jack Twist- Perfect to add as an interval during jogging and burn calories.

3. Body Roll- Upper body toning

4. Upper Body Sculpt- Tone shoulders, chest, arms, back

5. Bailando Conmigo- Super Fun Dance

6. 360 degree Abs- Perfect Belly Toner

The best way to use these workouts is during your regular fitness routine, or after a

warm up. You can repeat several sets of the same exercise. Remember to always cool

down and to stretch before you end your workout.

The Magical Workout