Does your gut yell out, “ Help me- I am overloaded, I am intoxicated? “ Perhaps you cannot hear its’ calling, but can feel the physical changes such as: aging quicker, fatigue, stress, depression, sickness, or being overweight. We often wash everything in our external world from our car, our body and face, but we often forget to clean our internal system. The cleaner our inside is, the brighter you will shine, and the more your mental and physical health will improve. Are you ready to start cleaning your inside?

 Check out these amazing 10 tips to clean your inside. 

1. Elimination- Stay hydrated and consider cleaning out your digestive track with herbal teas such as senna (Always consult with your physician beforehand) 

2. Throw the Junk- Eat primal. Avoid wheat, gluten, processed foods, and chemicals. Dwell on: vegetables, fruits, flaxseeds, sweet potato, yam, kefir, sauerkraut etc...Create a love relation between you and your food. 

3. Probiotic- Take a high-quality refrigerated probiotic. 

4. Excess Ama- If you have joint stiffness ,a coated tongue, mental fog, joint pain, or frequent colds you may have too much sticky waste built up in your digestive tract. This clogs circulation channels in your body resulting in toxic build up. Yuk! 

5. Relax- Do yoga, pranayama, and focus on relaxing your belly muscles. 

6. Holistic Exercise- Exercise correctly by connecting your body, mind, and soul together, and remember your body loves to be treated and honored correctly.  

7. Rejuvenating Breath: Breathe in and out through your left nostril to restore tranquility to your inner body and nervous system. 

8. Fast: Fasting will rest your digestive system, increase your energy and give your body a break. 

9. Meditate- Mentally meditate and imagine that your entire body is expelling wastes, negative emotions, stress and is being replaced with pure divine love and care. 

10. Yoga Pose: From seating position, legs together, draw your head to your knee and breathe in several deep breaths engaging your belly muscles. This pose will massage and stimulate your internal organs. 

Remember to have a clean inside you need to also have a clean thought process, start loving yourself, remove negative thinking patterns and open up to new channels of energy that will heal and restore your body, mind and soul.

Wash Your Inside

Wash Your Insides