What is Your Move

The typical human today is either aware of their body or completely disconnected, and the best way to see your connection with the body you live in is by turning up the music and dancing. By observing your friends, family or colleagues you can learn everything about them just by the way they move. Our moves can change by what we hold onto, for example, if you resist it will persist and your body wont be able to move freely.

In today’s society we probably hold onto much more than we ever held all our lives from negative thoughts, concerns, stress, how will I pay rent, how can I get a job etc…is all store in your body. In fact your entire life can be viewed with a detailed analysis of your posture! 

So let’s get start and conduct the test. Music on please, videotape yourself for 1 minute and dance. When you are done check out the video and observe the way you dance in detail.

Do you dance like a robot? Are your moves smooth? Do you dance provocatively? Do you add creativity to your dance? Do you shake it like boogie wonderland? Or did you have to watch a video on youtube to actually get your groove on.

Point is, if you were able to let it go like boogie wonderland and Michael Jackson you have a great ability to let go, strong creativity, free spirited, intuitive, thoughtful. If you dance like a robot, your more into the left hemisphere mind, making you too analytical, less flexible in mind, objective. If you use your hands a lot, your trying to convey a message, have high self esteem, and are outgoing. If you dance with energy and rhythm it may reflect how liberal minded, athletic, confident you are. This style of dance is considered very attractive and can attract the opposite sex. If your dance style was conventional and predictable your hardworking, politically conservation. If your moves were intense and almost as is your about to get in a fight with someone your adventurous, intelligent, athletic, inquisitive, and maybe a trouble maker.

Regardless how your dance performance was, you can change your character by learning certain dance moves. For example, if you want to improve your free spirited behavior, and become more intuitive and caring start watching and imitating dance moves from Bee Gees, ABBA, Grease etc…Or if you want to improve your confidence and self esteem, and become more aggressive start watch more of rap like Eminem, Tupac, Wiz Khalifa, 50 cents etc…Remember what “Monkey Sees, Monkey does.”

Also consider trying this exercise to help to let go and improve your dance groove. Change your perspective of you see things, try to disconnect, accept, meditate, and focus on what do you want and the positive. Try to fulfill your inner emptiness through meditate in order to not hold onto things in life, and finally consider shaking it off several times a day by simply wiggling your entire body. This will allow your body to detox negative vibes from the environment, people, improve blood circulation, and make you feel more relieved.

What Is Your Move

What Is Your Moves