Whip Back into Shape in 30 Minutes

Ring, ring, there goes the alarm. Your nervous are already screaming, “Not again!” There goes the second buzzing sound reminding you of your to do list today, and then your mom just sent you a what’s app message to take her dog out. In the past minute you have already been bombarded with chores to do before you even got out of bed. Let’s rewind a bit, and re-start your day the right way. Gently stretch your hands overhead and begin with deep pranayama breaths to wake up our lungs. Begin by inhaling through your nose and exhaling into the back of your throat for several minutes. Focus on your breath and observe the last atom of air sink into the bottom of your lungs. Alright, now that we just turned on your breathing machine it is time to wake up our nerves and muscles. Start by standing in place and jump around like a kid for a minute. This will activate your reflexology points on your feet and get your body warm up for what is next.


WB1  WB2

From a standing position, let’s detox our spinal cord in this amazing spinal stretch exercise. Start by bending your knees and rounding your spine softly over your thighs. Loosen up your back by swaying your spine over to the left and right several times. Engage your belly, and slowly roll up to a standing back bend and then roll back down to your toes. Focus on lengthening your spinal cord. Repeat 15-20 x.


Now that you are warmed up, let’s get fit with a quick 15 minute cardio jog. Your first minute is your warm up minute- walk fast. Your 2nd minute is your slow jogging pace. Your 3rd minute is your fast jogging pace. Spend the next 12 minutes with 1 minute interval of fast and slow jogging paces. For your last 2 minutes return to a slow jog and then cool down with a 1 minute walk.

WB3  WB4

Cross your right leg over your left, open your chest and sink as low as you can focusing on balance, and leg strength for 1 minute. Advance, squat up and down on 1 leg while holding the pose. Repeat on the other leg for 1 minute.


WB5  WB6

From standing bring your right knee into your chest, balance, bend your left knee and lower into a squat for few inches then return to standing. Perform 10-12 rep per leg.



Lie down on your belly, place your hands on the floor underneath your shoulders. Open your chest. Engage your upper body muscles and lift your entire body off the ground arching your spine backwards. Lengthen your head upwards as you push the ground actively away with your arms. Hold for 1-2 minutes and then rest.


WB8  WB9

Basic                                                                                                                  Advanced

Lie down on your back, and bend both knees. Place your hands behind your head. Engage your abdominals and slowly twist your right armpit towards your left knee. Take a couple deep breaths then twist to the opposite side. With each breath try to lift your chest higher. Advanced, bring your right armpit to your left knee as you extend your right leg off the ground. Hold for several deep breaths then twist to the opposite side. Perform 8-10x/side. Great work, lets now restore our body in our last minute. Begin by lying down on your back, and breathe in all the positive things you want in your life. Slowly release your upper, middle, and lower body muscles as you exhale. Sink even deeper into a full relaxation. When your ready, give your body a hug and share the warmth and connection to your ultimate empire as you start a fantastic day!

whip Back into shape

whip Back into shapes