Mirror mirror on the wall, tell me I am the prettiest of them all. When was the last time that you told yourself ”I am beautiful?” Beauty stars your face is alive, and it loves to be nourished, cared for, and loved. 

Let’s get glowing with 10 super tips and an exclusive royal facial massage. 

1. Shake the facial tension out. Make funny expressions for 1-2 minutes then wash your face with cool water. 

2. Breathe. Slowly inhale the beauty and vitality and exhale negative thoughts for 1-2 minutes. 

3. Be Stress- Free. Avoid stress and train your face to stay calm when negative emotions such as: worriedness, anger, frustration creep in. 

4. Exercise Holistically. Move, honor and train your body naturally to decrease stress, detox, improve oxygen & blood flow, and create a healthier radiant you. 

5. Water. Drink water with ph level 7.0 + 

6. Think positive & Love yourself. Compliment your face daily, you are gorgeous! 

7. Love your colors. Your cells receive and radiate colors. Hang around yellow to brighten your soul. Orange to stimulate the building of new tissue. Magenta to strengthen circulation, and harmonize emotions. Turquoise, is great to regenerate the skin. Red, will activate: vitality, metabolism and digestion. 

8. Go green & Nuts. Eat green veggies and nuts such as: flaxseeds, almonds. 

9. Anti- Aging Yoga Pose. Lie down on your back and put your legs up the wall for 1- 3 minute daily. 

10. Perform Your Royal Facial Massage This massage will open and unblock marma points and can be used anywhere. 

Royal Facial Massage 

1. Wash your face with cool water and pat dry. Neutralize all facial expressions. 

2. Anti-stress massage. Slowly massage the center point between eyebrows with your index and middle finger. 10 times anti-clockwise and 10 times clockwise. 

3. Anti-wrinkle eye massage. Using your index and middle finger, gently massage your temples. 10 times anti-clockwise and 10 times clockwise. This will help remove fine lines at the end of your eyes. 

4. Anti-wrinkle mouth massage. Using your index finger gently massage the corners of your mouth 10 times anti clockwise and 10 times clockwise. This will help remove fine lines around the mouth. 

5. End your massage by affirming to yourself “I am beautiful. I love my face. I will care and feed myself everything that only my mouth can taste.”

Your Face Is Royal

Your Face Is Royals