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The posture Re-alignment Arc System emphasizes and re-aligns your posture in order to improve: alignment, health, energy and chi, vitality, and flexibility.


The Holistic BODY DESIGN Program is offered and customized for those who want to get in shape quickly for a particular event such as: acting role and TV, wedding, conference, a new look, and so forth.
The Holistic MIND CARE Program offers all the tools through online and live consultation to master one’s subconscious mind and to re-program it for their wishes in order to bring health, change, abundance, love, and more to their lives.
The Holistic HEALING Program offers numerous healing therapies and sessions to heal the mind or body through alternative medicine, ancient methodology, and holistic methodology practices.
This program includes holistic movement, detox, and weight loss guidance to shed difficult belly fat, or general fat, detox, improve muscle tone, build lean muscle mass, and to look naturally slimmer, fitter, and younger.
VIP Retreats are offered 1:1 with Julie worldwide to ensure your body, mind are reset and boosted for a new look, perspective, health, and life.
Luxury pampering retreats are offered year round to take care of our students, clients, and guests with a variety of holistic themes, workshops, and practices to enrich our: body, mind and soul health at present and for the future era.


Become an Online or Live Holistic Teacher Trainer in as little as 3 months! Learn and teach the holistic methodology level 1,2,3 in mind and body movement practice. You will receive a manual, video clips, quizzes, exams, have online follow up, and be listed in our teachers section and online community.
A Holistic Consultant can be completed best with the Holistic Teacher Trainer course or independently and is an excellent addition for those who are: Doctors, Practitioners, Health Care Providers, Healers, Life Coaches, Personal Trainers, Physical Therapist and more to add to their practice. A Holistic Consultant learns the holistic methodology and philosophies to scan body, mind, and soul disruptions, blockages, and re-balance them through consultation services using the holistic methodology. All consultants will be listed in our consultant section and join our online community.


Holistic Personal Training sessions are customized for your body, mind and soul and offered online or live to re-balance your body, mind and soul through the Holistic Methodology. Training sessions offer +100 benefits from: weight loss, toning, detox, flexibility, lean muscle mass, alertness, concentration, discipline, fluidity, speed, self-awareness, improved joint function and more…All training systems are offered in 3 Levels and can take 5- 15 years until self-mastery is completed.
Holistic Meditation Holistic Healing Sessions Body & Mind Reset Sessions Energy Manifestations Sessions Energy Healing Sessions Sound Therapy Soul Care Services
Holistic Consultations are initially approximately 2 hours in length and give one a deep insight on their body, mind, energy, and soul. Consultation on how to naturally re-balance, reset, and heal onself for: health, alignment, energy and more are provided through the use of the holistic methodology and ancient knowledge.
Workout anywhere with our online body and mind workouts. Classes are open to all levels, and offer the best of online coaching and training in the Holistic Methodology, Stretching, Meditation, Yoga, Body Sculpt, Dance, Toning and much more. Click our schedule to book.