Holistic Fitness Workout


DVD: In Light Of Change

Get ready to change your entire life with the first exclusive Holistic Fitness Workout with Celebrity Trainer, International Fitness Choreographer and Miss Virginia Swimsuit (1998), Julie Rammal.

Julie has traveled the world and worked with celebrity clients worldwide. She now brings you the best worldwide training techniques and exercise methods to keep you younger, firmer, and slimmer in just 2 weeks!

Features: Anti-Aging Workout, Warm up/Cool Down, Cardio, Lower/ Upper Body Workout, Stretching/ Approximate Run Time 52 Minutes

In Light of Change Now Available as a Mobile & Digital Workout


Performing In Light of Change on TriadXP is the perfect way to find a build a whole new you and reach your goals. The app provides audio-visual guidance, it lets you know what to do, when, how many, or how long. Helping you be a new you, getting younger, firmer and slimmer naturally! 


Available in two  formats: 


  • "Intelligent" video format: Workout with a continuous video.  Tracks time you are working out.


  • XP format:  Our custom mode allows you to personalize a workout.  You can modify the workout, replace exercises or adjust settings (reps, time, distance goals). This mode tracks every detail for every exercise.


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Celebrity fitness trainer (and Ayurvedic and Holistic Health Practitioner) Julie Rammal, who serves clients in both California and the Middle East, presents In Light of Change: 2 Week Fitness Program, a guide to reaping the benefits of regular exercise and improved fitness. In Light of Change is an excellent addition to personal DVD fitness libraries, highly recommended. 52 min. Read More